I love you guys!!
FAQ: Must I tell employers about my criminal record?



There is no need, we have already recorded and catalogued everything you have ever done. 

FAQ: Can my employer make me give back overpaid wages?



There are no overpaid wages.

FAQ: Am I entitled to paid holiday?



Of course! You are required to work during your holidays

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Friendship is magic

Me, on my way to find friends at the airport

I found fRIEND




Why I should never be allowed to own a recording device

You're so wonderful I may model an antagonist off of your love of gore and colors :p

Aaaw djhkdgjh you are pretty wonderful too! ^__^ I’m glad i finally got out of the artblock because now i can’t wait to colour

Well I know that - oh right, changed my URL. I used to run the Ask-LordSheogorath blog? Yeah anyways I knew you were into the whole Grimdark thing but recently I've been seeing a lot more gore. And that's what I mean by sick kicks.

Aaah okay, haha ;u; <3 Well I still love grimdark but when it comes to drawing, I’m more into the gore side, since then i get a flot of colours and stuff to play with <3

You've got some sick kicks, dude! I mean, if I'm interpreting that last sketch of yours correctly...

Kicks? Or do you mean kinks? ^^ Haha, well, I really, really like drawing gore. Theres nothing sexual about it or anthing, I’m just very facinated with insides, intestens and blood and stuff <3

Also, ;u; I’m a girl, but i don’t mind bein called dude <3 It’s okay

Yeah, I have had a bit of a artblock most o the month, but I think it’s about over now ;u; I made these today