I love you guys!!
What are you up to Pernille, you gave me a massive spike of activity. I saw that sneaky reblog! (O_O)

huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue <3

Throwing my love for you Pitchy. You're a wonderful gal and I hope you have lots of happy little lucks come your way. Pennies found, a special treat, a old/new friend, a new art style, a warm bed and a full stomach. <3 Be happy please

Omgoooosh gkfifid thank you so much!! ^^

Oh boy i only hope to get a life like yours where i love my work and have time to draw or playing guitar haha

I hope so too ; v; it’s so nice to do both things ♡

You know i find the fact that you're a teacher really intriguing. Like "teacher by day,gore artist by night" or some stuff like that haha. It's pretty cool

Aaw Hahaha xD Yeah that is actually pretty funny. <3

When I work i always stay professional and the kids actually tells me I’m pretty strict, but whenever it’s breaktime, i play ball with them or draw for them and stuff ;u;

I love my work <3

"DeviantArt Mentality"


This is for the Anon that asked me what it was or what I was refferring to.

Well basically put its when cheap assholes like to price your work for you.

A couple of years ago I noticed this alot when I was on DA. I noticed that people lowering their prices on their artwork. Need I remind you that these are badass digital artists and seeing them do that raised alot of questions. So I investigated, and what I found was truly infuriating. These people were all saying “Oh I know a better artists than you that would do it cheaper”. And I got real angry real fast. Why the fuck should we base OUR prices on their fucking standards INSTEAD of basing it on the time and effort we put into our pieces. Just because a artist is better than you doesnt fucking mean their needs are more important or that your prices are too high. There are artists out there with varying skill levels but the same damn financial issues. So theyre saying “Oh your art is mediocre so you must not have bills to pay” well I say fuck you to that mentality. Insensitive Pricks.

Oh my. As a artist who pretty much lives on commissions (I got a job as a call in teacher but since it’s summer, theres no kids to teach xD) I understand your strugge and.. anger? when people don’t commission you (I read a few og your posts about your posts about not getting enough commissions and your sales post.

I too belive that you shuld never undersell yourself, but from experience I have learned that the commission world is a jungle. BUT that does not mean it’s impossible to thrive ^^ My advice to you would be: Set your prices after demand. If theres few costumers, only offer SMALL commissions. avatars and chibies, or sketches can be sold for 5-10$ based on quiality (colours or colourless) and they are faster to make than a BIG commision (sometimes priced between 50$-100$)

this is just my own commission experience but i want to show you something, if you don’t mind ^^

One of the first commissions i ever made was the one below. I got 5$ dollars for it and i was perfectly happy with the amount.

I did my very, very best at the time, since it was the first time ever getting payed for making art <3

I kept my prices low, and yes, sometimes i worked 2 hours for 5$ but i was just so grateful that anyone would be so kind to support me, and I still am <3

as the demand grew, and old happy costumers came back, I no longer had time to work 2 hours on each picture. I had also improved a lot over the months, so I rised my prices eeever so slightly. that the thing about demand. If 20 people want a picture for 5, and you KNOW you can do better than the months before, politely ask if anyone would like the same picture for 7$. Some might shake their head and leave, but i promise you, A few won’t mind the 2$ change.

This is what I make now.

If this was a commission, I guess I would take 25-30$ for it.it took 45mins to make.

And I’m perfectly happy with the amount I get, even if it is my living.

This is not a critique of your prices, or your way of doing things, it’s more… I dunno a helpful guide? Underselling yourself does not work in the long run, but remember that your audiance is young teenagers/people under education so they don’t have a awful lot of money ^^ Sell your art for something EVERYONE can efford, It really pays in the end <3

Also, ALWAYS be polite. you have the right to turn down costumers but in the end, if they get a great service, they are more likely to come back for more. always offer to change a commission and send them the sketch before you line it. ;u; <3

Thats just my 2 cents on the matter <3

Thank you for reading and if any young newstarted artist out there got any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask ;u; I’m not super smart on the subject myself, but I guess I can at least offer to tell about my experiences ^__^

Have a very nice day <3

I was so happy that you liked my first dub of your amazing blog so, I decided to do another one just a quickie though. But i hope that you like it! ^u^ (I had a lot of fun dubbing this one!)


I’m like half asleep here but I made you a sketchy farmer Pitch Patch because I dunno who can feel bed when there’s like tractors and stuff &lt;3
Mod: OMGOOOOSH THANK YOU SWEETY! this is the sweetest thing kdjghkjgh this could be pitch if she ever got to visit her granparents kjhgkj omgosh thank you! i love it ;u;

I’m like half asleep here but I made you a sketchy farmer Pitch Patch because I dunno who can feel bed when there’s like tractors and stuff <3

Mod: OMGOOOOSH THANK YOU SWEETY! this is the sweetest thing kdjghkjgh this could be pitch if she ever got to visit her granparents kjhgkj omgosh thank you! i love it ;u;

: I tried doing a dub of your Ask Pitch Patch blog, I think I failed trying to do the voices, it’s not fully finished and, the telephone affect I think made it sound worse but I tried. ;-;

Mod: oh my god this is literally the best thing ever! thank you!! it is such a huge compliment to actually DUB my blog and give all my characters voices! holy cow i can’t get over how happy I am with this ;_; also, the compliments you gave me by the end of the video gkdjghdj NGGGGHHHHH THANK YOU! i greatly encourage you to keep going (if you want to ;_;) I think you voice PitchPatch nicely!! This is so great, i can’t even

show this person some love people!!

going to my boyfriends parents house


stuff happened and I can’t really deal with it, so i need some time off to just relax

I’ll still work on commissions and lie the new update tho’

I’m fine, I’m jut very emotional and if people would stop sending me suicide notes, that would be nice, thank you ;_;

I dare ya to live! Live!!!!111!!!! 8D


It’s not me, I’m fine but lately more and more people think i would be the best ‘messenger’ of their last words or that I should have their last ‘goodbyes’ and i happens more and more often now and i really can’t deal