I love you guys!!

I wanted to do the 6 selfie thingie too

Im the best cosplayer in the world :C <3

Im the best cosplayer in the world :C <3


The 6 selfies challenge - because I felt like it

Featuring Chiisai the rat and my Bad Girl cosplay 

…Man, the things I put my hair through… 

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you feel like doing it, you should!

arrrrrgh stop being so pretty ;_; And i’m so jealous of your stockings on theth picture jdhgkdjghkjd

how do you block people on tumblr?

I’m having trouble finding the button to do so D:

Ok no, just no. Who's fucking head do I have to smash in for sending suicide notes to such a beautiful person?

I won’t name any names but after the first one did a few months back, i seem to get more and more, some are even anonymous ^^” ..

What would you say about an infected maybe eating Pitch out...? Sorry if that's too much pitchy ;-;

Oh wow here goes uhm

Super NSFW?

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Butchbond: 3c

This is gay. and theres a little bit of ‘penor’ on this one, you have been warned. NSFW!!

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so yeah, that went better than expected

uhm im still very new to this so i dont supose you guys could like… give me requests? Or maybe even better: Ask erotic/nsfw stuff about my characters and i’ll answer though sketches? yeah i think that might work ;__;; uhm

yeah. no canon ponies and oc’s other than my own. sorry

Looks really nice. :)

kgldkjltidkgg nkdgj *dies of shame*

NSFW so yeah, now you are warned ;/////;

Yeah it’s not that good… But i did it

It’s survival-patch since…. regular pitchpatch seems too pure for this ;_;

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please don’t hate me

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